Vorteile von Metall-Hochbeeten

Advantages of metal raised beds

All the advantages of metal raised beds at a glance. The solid metal raised beds not only impress in terms of stability and longevity!
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If you have a Buy a raised bed you are faced with the question: metal or wood? A raised bed Made of metal offers you a number of advantages in terms of durability and accessories. As far as design is concerned, there is besides that raised bed in the aluminum look, the versions in anthracite as well as in a wood or stone look. Thanks to its durability, a metal raised bed is a worthwhile investment.


Heat-insulated metal raised beds

Inside one properly filled raised beds A sufficiently high soil temperature is required for the natural rotting processes to begin. A high quality one raised bed Metal must therefore be completely thermally insulated so that seeds or young plants can be planted as early as possible in the year. Our models with walls made of heat-insulated steel ensure an optimal climate and the release of valuable nutrients, which keeps the plants in the raised bed proliferate. The heat-insulated sandwich construction of the metal raised bed allows for an extended garden year by at least 2 months!

Metal raised beds are durable and stable

A raised bed is exposed to very different weather conditions throughout an entire seasonal cycle. Rain and snow put a strain on the material and can worsen the condition of the surfaces. The harmful UV radiation from sunlight affects raised beds made of wood or plastic, any glaze and any color coating. Wood suffers particularly badly from these environmental influences and without regular, usually complex care, the lifespan of a wooden raised bed is extremely limited. A high quality metal raised bed However, it is not nearly as susceptible to such weather damage. The outer walls of our metal raised bed are made of galvanized sheet steel and are covered with highly corrosion-resistant special coatings.

The materials we use are therefore safe from rot or rot. Due to the precise manufacturing of the individual components, a metal raised bed is extremely stable and can withstand storms without any problems. The material does not warp even with strong temperature fluctuations. Raised wooden beds, on the other hand, can swell and shrink as the weather changes, which has a number of disadvantages. Wooden raised beds can become cracked or begin to rot over time. This not only destroys the material, but also attracts pests that enter the raised bed or nest in the cracks in the wood.

Think about pest protection!

Without professional pest protection, even the best plant care is of no use to you. The better the plants thrive, the more pests they attract. Wooden raised beds are particularly affected by this. Numerous vermin can nest in the gaps and cracks. The outer walls of a metal raised bed do not crack, which means this problem does not arise in the first place. In addition, it is essential to install an insurmountable snail guard on the raised bed. The optional snail protection of ours “Ursula” raised bed is a barrier that effectively prevents snails from penetrating without the use of chemical pesticides raised bed hinders. In order to secure the raised bed against intruders from below, the “Ursula” raised bed Install a vole screen and a mole cricket screen.

High-quality and tailor-made accessories

To use one Raised beds To make metal even more pleasant and easier, there are a number of suitable accessories. When looking for the right raised bed irrigation, there is often no optimal solution for the wooden version. So the hobby gardener usually has no choice but to do this raised bed to water by hand, or to find a homemade compromise solution. This, in turn, can potentially have a negative impact on the lifespan of the raised bed and the yield of the crops.

Our tailor-made raised bed accessories is precisely tailored to the respective raised bed size. This gives you the opportunity to combine the raised bed with a tailor-made one Raised bed cover can also be used as a cold frame.

Reliable protection against pests is also provided: snails, voles, mole crickets and other vermin have practically no chance of infesting the raised bed and damaging or even destroying your crops.

The metal raised bed as a decorative element

In addition to its many advantages in terms of cultivation, a metal raised bed is also favored by its appearance. It can be used as a decorative element for landscaping in the garden or on the terrace and can be optimally integrated into the living space. When choosing the Location for your raised bed So there are almost no limits to what you can do.
If the outside walls become dirty with soil, they can simply be hosed down using a garden hose. You can do without the hassle of painting and glazing and can enjoy your intact and robust raised bed for a long time.