Tomato house "Julia"
Tomato house "Julia"
Tomato house "Julia"
Tomato house "Julia"
Tomato house "Julia"
Tomato house "Julia"
Tomato house "Julia"
Tomato house "Julia"

Tomato house "Julia"

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Protection from moisture from above

Optimal incidence of light

Perfect ventilation

Dimensions: L 195cm x W 99cm x H 200cm

Delivered fully assembled

Thermally insulated substructure

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Tomato house "Julia"


Pickup available, usually ready in 5+ days

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Das Tomatenhaus Julia, mit einer Anbaufläche von 2m², besteht aus einem 25cm hohen, wärmegedämmten Unterbau. Dieser wird mit Pflanzenerde gefüllt und bietet ideale Wachstumsbedingungen für die Pflanzen. Durch die wärmegedämmten Wandpaneele ist ein perfektes Bodenklima für die Tomatenpflanze gegeben. Die durchdachte Konstruktion ist perfekt auf die Bedürfnisse von Tomatenpflanzen abgestimmt. Die sechs Türen lassen sich zum Lüften stufenweise öffnen und fixieren. Um den Platz im Tomatenhaus möglichst gut auszunutzen, empfehlen wir die Zucht von mindestens 5 Tomatenpflanzen. (Rank-Ketten integriert)



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We produce our entire product portfolio right in the heart of Europe. Our raised bed tomato houses and potato towers are manufactured for you in various production facilities

Buy the optimal tomato house online

Buying a tomato house is worthwhile for anyone who wants to harvest tomatoes from their own garden. In order to make the best possible use of the space in the tomato house, we recommend growing at least 5 tomato plants. The well thought-out construction is perfectly tailored to the needs of tomato plants. This supports the healthy growth of the plants and your tomatoes can thrive undisturbed in the tomato house. If you decide to buy a “Julia” tomato house, you will enjoy bountiful harvests from your own garden year after year!

Perfect soil climate in the tomato house

In addition to the highest possible incidence of light and protection against damage caused by external influences, the “Julia” tomato house also offers optimal conditions for the roots of the tomato plants: thanks to the thermally insulated substructure, the root system is prevented from cooling down too much and the health of the tomatoes suffering as a result.

The right accessories make growing tomatoes easier

The tomato house also comes with trellis chains that hang from the top of the tomato house. The tomato plants can climb up on the chains. This prevents the plant's branches from drooping, which makes the fruit more likely to rot. To simplify watering in the tomato house, we recommend using drip irrigation, which can also be used in raised beds, for example.

The Julia tomato house is delivered assembled and you just need to set it up in the desired location

Greenhouse for tomatoes - no film

In contrast to many of the tomato greenhouses on offer, which are made of plastic poles and films, the reason for buying a “Julia” tomato house is its enormous longevity, robustness and the optimal protection of your tomatoes against wind, precipitation, wild bites and hail damage. The construction is a combination of steel struts and polycarbonate. This provides the tomatoes with the best possible light without compromising the protection of the plants - and vice versa! There are 3 polycarbonate doors mounted on both long sides of the tomato house, which can be adjusted in four levels: from slightly tilted to wide open, you can determine in just a few steps how much you want to open the doors of the tomato house, for example, even in bad weather Allow fresh air to reach the plants.